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You will ride faster and farther with less injury and more comfort as a result of your Body Geometry Fit from Village Bike & Fitness.  We guarantee it.  
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Cory and staff,
Thank you for going the extra mile in my fit.  It was a great experience.  I can tell a true professional when I see one.  The staff was very friendly and dropped what they were working on to get my bike ready so I didn’t have to make a return trip.  I road my new bike today and it was awesome, thank you.  I road 27 miles, the most I’ve ridden since I was a teenager.  Looking forward to being able to have sustained rides that will help me loose weight and get back to my pre surgery fitness levels.  Thank you again.  Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. 
Jody - Ludington, MI 

My husband and I came into today for bike fittings and had an outstanding experience! I learned more in few hours than I have in the past 5 years of cycling! Cory is a pro in every sense of the word and was incredibly thorough in his analysis and recommendations. I am so excited that my next ride will be pain-free (well, at least the avoidable kind!).

6 months later:
My goal to race 70.3 before I turn 40 is feeling more and more attainable!! The crazy thing is, when I came to you for a fitting my only goal was to relieve my discomfort in the saddle. But then I got this sexy new bike which motivated me, oddly enough, to get back in the water and give swimming another shot. This past Sunday's race wouldn't have happened without your help, so thank you for that!!
Beth - Alma

Hi Dale, First, I must say the difference in performance is remarkable. Specifically, the position allows for more natural use of my glutes and hamstrings...especially in the drops. I really don't think I was able to utilize those muscles as much as I should have in my old position. So power and efficiency have greatly improved. Next, a more full, technically correct pedal stroke is far easier now. This is noticeable when I ride with the guys and can easily keep up at 21 mph....and it feels more efficient with less fatigue. Overall shoulders and neck seem very comfortable...Lastly, the saddle has the natural geometry to feel comfortable when tilting my pelvis inward, but in addition, it makes other technically correct positioning easy such as a straight back and open shoulders for easier breathing.
I cant tell you how much I appreciate your time and expertise. The results have exceeded my expectations.
Thank you!
Kim - Bay City

Dale,  The bike and fit is wonderful. I really can't say how happy I am with everything. I would have never guessed how getting properly fit would fix so many things. So far so good and my transition from the bike to run has been amazing.
Lewis - Zeeland

Hi Dale, I LOVE my fit.  I am SO much more comfortable on my bike.  That's the bottom line.
Luanne - Grand Rapids

Prior to visiting Cory, I could not go 14 miles without my hands and lower arms going numb due to carpel tunnel syndrome.  We changed the handlebar to be quite a bit shorter, changed the angle of the stem to be more upright and added aero bars to help take the pressure off my hands. I brought the bike home and have been riding daily ever since. I will never buy another bike without a professional fit again and I will have Cory doing that fitting. Thank you for allowing a whole world of cycling to open up to me and giving me the ability to go riding without pain.
Heather - Flat Rock

I have been getting out quite a bit and am having no pain... I destroyed all my previous strava numbers. I did 50 miles before thanksgiving and had no discomfort. Everything seems to be working. I changed the set-up on my mountain bikes and have had similar results. My wife is injured right now (IT band) and doing PT once she is better I want to get her in for a fit. She does sprint triathlons. We got our bikes from the same shop so I'm sure her current fit is off.
Andy - Gobles

Dale, I LOVED the fit and I told everyone who would listen that getting a bike fit is well worth it.  Right after the fitting, I upgraded to a category 3 rider and I won the Women's Point Series in that category, and came 2nd in the MBRA Michigan Challenge series. Thanks for taking the time to help make me a better cyclist and acheive a way more comfortable experience on the bike!
Lori - Grand Rapids

Hey Dale!
Just wanted to let you know that I went out for a ride with my aerobars and it went really well. I rode for a little under an hour and was able to stay in aero position without any hurts or pains. Being new I know I have a lot of questions but you and your store has been an immense help. Know that you have earned my business and if anyone I know is ever looking for a bike/bike materials I will send them your way with no hesitation!
Zack - Allendale

Oh my goodness ...I'm in LOVE, lol! What a nice ride, the fit makes ALL the difference. Thank you, Cory!
Debbie - Fremont

I live in southern Indiana and you might ask why I would drive to Grand Rapids to have a bike fit. Cory was highly recommended by my wife's uncle who continually reminded me you can feel comfortable on a bike.  During and after the rides I would experience discomfort in my lower back, neck, and knees.

The bike fitting was enlightening and Cory helped me understand the fundamentals of riding a bike. He pointed out what mechanics I needed to work on and explained why it would improve my cycling. The video was eye opening and confirmed everything Cory was doing; even for a novice it was obvious. By the end of the fitting I was 100% confident Cory was going to get me in the correct position to enhance my riding comfort. In March 2012 I purchased a Custom Guru designed by Cory. The bike is phenomenal, but the fit is even better. Cory listened to me and heard what I wanted to get out of the bike. The bike was set up for comfort, but the resulting fit increased my speed and climbing power. I cannot thank Cory enough and would drive twice the distance to get this result.
Robb - Solsberry, Indiana

Great guys at @villagebikeGR, got my bike position all sorted for the season.  Let's hope it helps to a few @UHCprocycling wins!
Karl - Grand Rapids

Dale has done fits for me on my new mountain and road bikes and the results have been spectacular.  I have been riding pain-free for over 3 years now due to Dale's amazing talent. This includes racing in brutally hard conditions such as Leadville MTB and Assault on Mt. Mitchell.
Tim - Grand Rapids

THANK YOU! I feel that you have helped me a great
deal. I am still an old guy, and still have some potentially serious medical
issues. But, you've helped me keep on riding, and that was the objective.
Joe - Detroit

Dale: As a result of your work last summer I immediately stopped experiencing "hot foot" in my right forefoot, and the neck and right shoulder cramps and lock-ups have complety gone away. Not only that, but I've been consistently riding 26 mph solo peletons (my goal is to drop Alan Moore) for miles and miles. I can't thank you enough for the care and edification you put into my BG fit; I've been encouraging all my friends to fly to GRR for the ultimate in Dale Phelps loving care!
Bill R. - San Francisco

The fit was a hand in a glove.
Brian - Hudsonville

Dale, I'm extremely pleased with how I feel on the saddle. The legs feel efficient, just the right extension, no wasted motion. I'm also extremely pleased with how I'm riding on the aero bars! I used to get a little sore after several minutes in that position. Now I can just ride and ride in that position with great comfort for longer periods of time. When I do ride in the upright position (mostly on group rides) it just feels sooo good.
Brian B - Jenison

Dale: The bike fitting succeeded beyond my expectations on both counts. As a result of my fitting you changed my riding position substantially from my position on my old bike... It took over 500 miles to get used to the new riding position, but now that I'm used to it, I ride faster and stronger with better form than before. I also have fewer saddle sores and fewer muscle issues. My average speed for similar riding has increased by nearly 2 mph.
Thank you for your expert work on the bike fitting. You were very professional and you explained the process thoroughly so I could understand the "why" as well as the "what" of the fitting process. I would strongly recommend to anyone who rides substantial miles to have a thorough bike fitting done, on an existing bike or especially in the process of buying a new bike.

Jim - Jenison

Cory, I just want to thank you for all of your help over the last six months with
my bike. I have been very happy with the way my Guru fits and still can't
believe how good you can feel after riding 112 miles and still run a
marathon! I had a 6:03 bike split, 18.48 MPH! Then I had the legs to run a 3:58 marathon. A PR by 19 minutes with a time of 11:26!! Top 12% over all and 23% in my age group! I just wanted to say thanks again, the bike helped to make a great race.
Charlie - Grand Rapids

Guru of the shoe fitting Cory!!! Just barely felt 4th metetarsil at the 48 mile mark. You are my hero. A very heartfelt thank you for making road riding so pleasurable again for me. You will never know how happy I am. I am still in a state of euphoria over what a great job you've done.
Boots - Big Rapids

I spent a ton of time on my bike this weekend (about 60 miles) and am in love with the fit of my bike and the new seat. Thank you so much for everything.
Kaitlyn - Grand Haven

My new custom fit Guru tri bike is awesome! The pro fit with Cory has helped me enjoy cycling much more. I'm more comfortable and riding without pain. I'm also faster and can ride confidently in aerobars next to traffic and going downhill - something I've never been able to do before on my previous road bike. In my first triathlon on the Guru, my 40k bike time was 8-min faster than the previous year with my heart rate 13 bpm lower with less bike training. I love the bike and can't wait until I get more miles on it for triathlon racing. The investment was totally worth it - thanks VBS!
Chris - Wyoming

I love my new ride! Cory is an expert in the field of bike fitting. Village Bike is the best of the best. Thank you Cory for your time spent getting my bike together not only during business hours but on your day off.
Molly - Shelbyville

I had no idea what a difference it would make!! She went the extra mile for me as my right leg is almost an inch shorter than my left. Heidi and all the people at Village are the best- great service and products too. Thanks again. I would HIGHLY recommend Heidi and Village Bike.
Beth - Ada

As I look back at the year, one of the greatest things I could have done to improve my racing was to get the fit by Village. The end result was me being able to consistently stay with the lead pack and even place a couple of times.  All the races yielded improved time over prior years with reduced training rides.
Kevin - Grand Rapids

I'm fairly new to the sport of cycling and had no idea how important it was to be fitted to your bike. Being a triathlete, it's amazing how fresh my legs feel immediately into the run coming off my bike now. I highly recommend Cory's services to anyone wanting to improve their cycling experience.
Ken - Stanton

Body geometry fit was time well-spent.
Brad - Grand Rapids

Just want to thank you for spending so much time with my fitting last week.  I was really impressed with your attention to detail in every aspect of the fitting.  I rode on Sunday and everything felt good.
Ed - East Lansing

I rode this weekend and noticed a distinct difference. The ride felt more comfortable, I did not feel as tired in the end and I could climb easier... Thanks for the help, it really works great. I do want to bring my other bikes to have them adjusted...
Phil - Ann Arbor

Thanks for setting me up with a Guru Crono. The fit is spectacular! I have never been more comfortable on a bike. The customer service Village provides is second to none! I will be coming back to you for all my cycling needs.
Jon - Grandville

The fit, components and performance are phenomenal!...I'm just awestruck by the entire experience.
Ed - Charlotte

Had a couple of rides and love the new set-up. The shoes are great, and I'm getting used to the new pedals and clip-in procedure. Definitely have more power available. Spending more time on the big chain ring without any loss of cadence. Thanks again for your help.
Clay - Holland

I think the fitting process and time and thought you guys put into the bike really paid off. I would give overall comfort and fit very high marks. During and after the rides I experienced minimum discomfort in my arms, neck, upper and lower back and legs. The old knee pain or IT pain I occasionally experienced did not recur once.
Mark - Lansing

Heidi and Cory were great to work with and set me up with the best bike I could get within my budget. I've had nothing but great service from you all. That's why I consider Village Bike and Fitness my bike shop.
Allyn - Kalamazoo

The "fit" that I got at Cascade Village Bike has helped me enjoy two years of great riding!! Tom went all out to make sure my fit was PERFECT!! Thank you guys!
Dave - Grand Rapids

...Riding is easier and I am leading my friends up the hills. It's the only way to get a bike that truely WORKS for YOU! Dale, was able to prevent foot surgery after identifying improper bike fit was the cause of the pain.
Nancy - Grand Rapids

I am much more comfortable on the bike and coming off of it. Transition runs are no problem now.
Tom - Grand Haven

Once again I am able to ride comfortably, even with my limitations. The professionals at Village Bike really take the time to listen and accommodate their customers' needs... They are truly the best in the business!
Mike - Grand Rapids

I had been in great discomfort for several thousand miles prior to talking to you...Your bike fit turned out to be the solution to my problem. I was able to ride the Colorburst Tour the very next day with no problems at all. I would recommend a bike fit from Village Bike & Fitness to anyone interested in getting into biking. It was money well spent.
Steve - Grand Ledge

I can't tell enough how much I enjoyed the BG Fitting Process... You made it informative, fun and in my humble opinion - worth every bit of the 3 hours spent at your shop. Your staff has created a wonderful experience each time that I have visited the store and I look forward to coming back every time.
Christopher - Grandville

Dale, Charlie and the rest of the Kentwood VBS staff, Thank you for all of the professional service and care with my bike purchase. I took advantage of the pro fit with Dale with the goal of comfort for long mountain bike rides. To say the least, it was more than worth it. I beat my best time at the Ore to Shore this year by 16 minutes, with no numbness or joint pain. Thank you!!
Mark - Wayland

Well I got in 60 miles in some nice strong winds this morning and I am happy to say that my neck pain is gone!!! The new position of the aerobars felt great! Also my shoes felt very comfortable and no numbness at all! I also thought you would be glad to know that I felt really strong on my bike. I feel like I have a bit more power!
JD - Lansing

Bike fit became very important to me when I started doing longer distance rides. Pain and discomfort on the bike really became my limiting factor when training for an Ironman. After my bike fit with Village Bike, I had a more comfortable ride. During the fit, they took the time to explain the process, what adjustments they were making and why they were making them. They made sure that I was always part of the equation. Because I'm comfortable on the bike, I'm riding faster than I ever have in my entire life.
TK - Ada

I averaged around 18 to 19 MPH before the fit. After the fit I was in the average of 23-25 MPH range. My power seemed to almost DOUBLE. I could breath...and I could actually (really!) drop the hammer when I wanted too. I can't recommend Village Bike Shop and the "bike fit" program enough!! I wish I could speak to all of your customers...I'd tell them, "why not be comfortable and love your ride...not just get through it".
Bob - Grand Rapids

It was worth every penny: one of the best biking investments I've ever made....It's amazing how much difference a centimeter makes after twenty miles. My knees can attest to that... Thanks for the new legs!
Brad - Grandville

...Since changing the bike setup, I have lost an average of 5-10 heart beats per minute on most of the same power-based rides.
Brian - Grand Rapids

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You will ride faster and farther with less injury and more comfort as a result of your Body Geometry Fit from Village Bike & Fitness.  We guarantee it.  
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Testimonials Method Meet Our Fitters FAQ's


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